Conservatives can Be Part of a Team and Make a Difference

The Election of 2012 was felt by everyone. We felt a drop in spirits from what we experienced. We can rant and complain. We can point fingers. Despite what has happened, we can make a difference still.

One of the reasons the Election of 2012 turned out the way it did was Social Media. Social Media is an often-used term which may mean different things to different people. Social Media has multiple facets or aspects which can be explored for use by organizations to further their causes, promote products, and market services. Campaigns can use it effectively to make a significant difference in the outcome.


By beginning a campaign with a key group of social media workers and using them to build a small and passionate network of people who care about your cause, you can quickly build viral mass. Remember, you want to make relationships with people.


Social Media will give you opportunities as your connections grow. You can make real relationships. Those relationships can bring donations, more activists and fresh ideas to your cause and campaign.

"If I'd only known how much time I'd wasted with Facebook..."

"I don't understand how technology like this can help me."

"My work is too local to need Social Media."

Have you heard these before? Have you said them yourself? The simple fact is social media and the new technologies have made a huge difference in the way campaigns are run. Marketing needs social media to provide that added punch.

One of the most common excuses heard from people about social media is that it's too hard to do. The second most common excuse is that privacy will be lost.

Let's make something clear:

  • It's far easier to implement good social media than you may realize
  • You get to control your privacy. You can even remain anonymous.

Groups throughout North Carolina have already begun using social media to spread news, notify others of events, and raise money. Social media helps you share freedom with others,educate your connections on the Constitution, and restore America to greatness.


Author, Dave Carter, presents Volume 1 of his Social Media Aspects series. This booklet is a simple guide designed to get Conservative activists to take the plunge and develop comfort with social media. He covers important aspects of successful social media management for your campaign or cause.

Social media aspects are covered for some of the key channels for content such as:

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • YouTube

  • Google+

Make a difference with the tips found in this book. Mobilize your team with tools to get a clear message distributed, energize activism, and call people to action.



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